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During the COVID-19 pandemic,  This year’s Fall Festival event is cancelled. All events and services are being held on line or by phone. Join CSC WeChat group at CSCMYI if you have any questions or need help from us.

Fall Festival


Through our programs and combined efforts, we strive to make a difference in the lives of newly-arrived immigrants and in so doing assure them they are not alone in their struggle to make the necessary adjustments to living in America.

Volunteer with CSCVolunteer with us by providing instructions as a tutor, help with day-to-day office work, attending to needs of immigrants as they arise such as accompanying clients to doctor’s office.

Many of our current tutors are long-serving some with over 20 years of service. This longevity of service reflects the deep satisfaction of serving and wanting to contribute and make a difference in the lives of immigrants. Some identify with immigrants because their parents were also immigrants, while others witness the hardship immigrants endure and desire to help immigrants make a smoother transition. Others who have tutored initially merely wanted to maintain or improve their Mandarin but ended up staying because they loved the interaction with the students and derived tremendous satisfaction from providing assistance to those in need.

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